Again About Enjoyment

I can already hear what you’re thinking, ‘please not another post about some sport that people here don’t even enjoy.’ Fortunately for you (and for me) I actually think I have something genuinely amazing to talk to you about.

While looking for some sort of arts and crafts project to do in some spare time, I was originally searching for a Bob Ross painting kit. I always thought it would be such an honor to do a painting like him, he was truly a great guy and his show was honestly pretty inspiring. However while doing my research, I stumbled upon this site called Mandala Art. It looks relatively new, but I LOVE the concept. The basic idea is that a creator can make a kit that people can buy, and when you buy the kit you are able to use the creator’s instructions to craft whatever the end product is supposed to be.


On the homepage right now is a miniature gingerbread house kit that is to die for, and what better time of year to do something like this. If you have some kids that you would like to have an extra activity to do with this holiday season then I highly recommend checking it out. I can’t stress how happy I am that I ran into this site because it takes the headache out of trying to think of little projects that I’d like to do, and it probably reduces how much I would actually spend if I were to try and get the ingredients or materials myself.