Amazing Inventions You Never Think About

While doing some of my traveling in the past, I spent a lot of time on the road during the winter in northern areas. I myself am not a stranger to cold climates and snow, but there are many things I don’t think about because I grew up in the city. One of the thoughts being, how do people take care of livestock in areas that are cold? Do they have some indoor area where they can keep them all the time? What about the water that they need, doesn’t it just freeze all the time? Seems like it’s tougher work to have livestock and such in colder climates, but it has to be done.

However, it turns out there are simple solutions to many of my questions. One thing that blew my mind was water tank heaters. While everyone knows what a water heater tank is, most haven’t encountered a water tank heater. Instead of heating up the water then distributing it, you can plop this device into a tank of water, or just leave it in the tank, and it will heat water and even deice the tank. This is an amazingly simple solution to a problem that could really plague people in the north. Imagine having to split the water in your heater tank in your home with your cattle and animals.