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Joan M. Cheever, author of Back From the Dead, will be more than happy to join the conversation when your book club, school group, Bible studies class or business/ social group discusses the book!

Back From the Dead is an excellent choice for your Book Reading Group or School Group. In the next printing of the book, every copy of Back From the Dead should have questions for group discussion, as well as an “interview with the Author” – but all of that information, and so much more, is available online at:

Joan Cheever will chat by speakerphone with any group that chooses Back From the Dead. Now you have the chance to ask your questions directly to the author. Why did Joan Cheever write this book? What was she looking for? Did she find it? How did she research Back From the Dead? What difficulties did she encounter? What was it like, interviewing and meeting former Death Row inmates? How did she leave her little children to do this? What was she feeling while on the road with The Class of ’72? What was the most surprising thing she learned in writing about the men whose return address had once been: Death Row USA.

A chat with the author is FREE – just get a group of readers together and make sure you have a speakerphone and Joan Cheever will do the rest!

How to Make a Request for a Telephone Conversation with the Author
Your request for a speakerphone chat with Joan Cheever can be made through the
Chat Request form.

Here are the guidelines:
• Chats are scheduled between 9 AM Central and 8 PM Central time. (All time requests must be converted to Central Time.)

• You'll be asked to provide a choice of dates and times. The more dates you can provide, the easier it will be to schedule a chat. The time you request should be 30 minutes to an hour after your group begins meeting so your group has some time to settle in first.

• Leave a comment to let Joan know how you found out about the book and why you chose it for your group. Also, tell Joan a little bit about your book group – what other books you’ve been reading, the range of ages in the group, where you are from etc.

• Chats are not limited only to readers of Back From the Dead in the United States. As long as it can be scheduled within the hours listed above, Joan welcomes a conversation with readers across the globe.

• And if a chat is not possible, Joan is working on setting up an online “Instant Message” discussion so that readers can ask the questions they have AND get an immediate response online during your meeting!

To make your request for a conversation,
click here to the chat request form.
The Chat Details………….
Once you’ve made your request, we will be back in touch with you, usually within a few days. Together we will determine the date and time for the chat.

You will need access to a speaker telephone. Joan recommends giving it a trial run beforehand by having someone in your group dial in to that phone from outside. Make sure that you can hear her clearly—and that she can hear you from a good distance away.

Plan for Joan to call you 30 minutes to an hour after your group gets together. At that point you will have begun your discussion about Back From the Dead and Joan will be able to answer the questions from the author’s perspective!

At the appointed time, Joan will call in and for the next 30 - 45 minutes, you can put your feet up, relax and find out more about Back From the Dead, the author, her research and any news updates.

You’re just a click away. So, go ahead and
click here to schedule a chat for your reading group.