Getting Back on Track

Back again with a quick update. We will be working on giving this website an upgrade/facelift. Part of the reason for the upgrade to the site is so that it will perform better in search engines for certain terms. Nothing major though, I’m just wanting to rank for things like author name, book title, and maybe book club. I found this handy site that gives you an audit of how your site is currently doing, which they call audit rĂ©fĂ©rencement gratuit. I know what you’re thinking already – that’s in French! Indeed it is, but I was able to use Chrome to understand what’s going on. However, it turns out that the report can also be sent in English as well! If you also have a website it’s definitely worth a quick run to see what you can improve.

Anyway, this was just a heads-up about any downtime that we may have in the near future. If the site is offline for a little, don’t worry we are still here, just spending some time to make the site easier to use and find.