Our Take on the Thermalright AXP-200

First of all, to anyone considering purchasing this unit, it is much larger than most of the pictures online suggest. That being said, it works perfectly, and my personal machine is sporting an i7-4770. Temps are typically around 30C or lower, and around 25 when just idling. This one is actually pretty quiet compared to others I’ve had in the past.

As with all heat sinks or coolers, you really need to take into consideration what kind of setup you have for the inside, and the size that your case can handle. If you have a smaller case and want to go for an SLI configuration, then this unit may not work. But having a larger case or less equipment on the inside would help.

Heatsink Manufacturers in India have been pumping out really great quality builds in these recent years. This has lead to increased competition in the after-market industry, and therefore the prices have been lowered, while still raising the quality. This particular unit is a testament to the kind of craftsmanship and build quality that you can get when making upgrades or building a custom rig.