Part 2 in the Works

First let me start of with a with a huge thank you to all the supporters out there. It means a lot to have such a wonderful following, and such a great book club to gather and discus with.

That being said, I wanted to announce that even more is in the works!

That being said, since technology is in such abundance now, we will be taking the next iteration into video. I know it’s a bit of a bummer for my fellow bookworms out there, but fret not as a longer, more in-depth paperback version will be available down the road.

Since we are just getting started with the planning we are open to any suggestions you may have. I was even thinking about investing in one of these outdoor quadcopters to take with me as I travel. I know it’s not important, but I think it would add an extra element to the film to get some better shots of the city/area that I visit.

Like I mentioned above, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. If there is anything else you’d like me to question or investigate, please do let me know. This one is for the fans that have been so passionate over the years.

Stay tuned for updates!