Back From The Dead

What would happen if the United States abolished the death penalty and emptied its Death Rows? If the killers were released from prison?

What would they do with their second chance to live? Would they kill again?

Back From The Dead is the story of 589 former death row inmates who, through a lottery of fate, were given a second chance at life in 1972 when the death penalty was abolished; it returned to the United States four years later.

During the years she represented Walter Williams on Texas’ Death Row, Cheever always wondered what would happen if his death sentence was reversed and he was eventually released from prison. Would he have killed again?

Two years after Williams’ execution, Cheever was determined to find the answer. Leaving her young family and comfortable life in suburbia, she traveled across the U.S. and into the lives and homes of former Death Row inmates, armed only with a tape recorder, notepad, a cell phone that didn’t always work, and a lot of faith. In Back from the Dead, Cheever describes her own journey and reveals these tales of second chances: of tragedy and failure, racism and injustice, and redemption and rehabilitation.

Newest Writings

Searching for a Local Demolition Company

When looking for a local demolition service in your area, it pays to do your research and shop around before finally choosing one to work with. The main problem with choosing a company before doing your homework is that any company can say that they can handle the job, but when you dig deeper you may come to realize that they may not have the right certifications or or qualifications to handle what is required. Sometimes it will be beneficial to go with a company that specializes in either commercial or residential demolition. Below are some tips to help you choose the perfect company for the job:

  1. What kind of experience does the company have? Of course we can’t make a judgement just based on the experience or track-record of the company, but it is certainly a great indicator of which companies are operating honestly throughout the years.
  2. Does the contractor even handle the type of job you need? Some companies specialize in only certain types of jobs like total or partial demolitions, debris removal, environmental clean-ups, and many more.
  3. Ask for a free quote. While it’s crazy to expect every single company out there to give you a free estimate, there are certainly some out there like Statewide Demolition & Recycling that will entertain this. These quotes are highly valuable to you because it gives you numbers to compare to other companies. Once you get down to negotiating, all the estimates you get will usually give you more fire-power while trying to lower the price.

Keep in mind, the lowest price won’t always be the best, and if the price is too good to be true, then you know there must be some type of catch. It’s usually safe to go for an estimate that is in the middle of the road, as long as the company has a good track record and meets all the requirements for the job.

Our Take on the Thermalright AXP-200

First of all, to anyone considering purchasing this unit, it is much larger than most of the pictures online suggest. That being said, it works perfectly, and my personal machine is sporting an i7-4770. Temps are typically around 30C or lower, and around 25 when just idling. This one is actually pretty quiet compared to others I’ve had in the past.

As with all heat sinks or coolers, you really need to take into consideration what kind of setup you have for the inside, and the size that your case can handle. If you have a smaller case and want to go for an SLI configuration, then this unit may not work. But having a larger case or less equipment on the inside would help.

Heatsink Manufacturers in India have been pumping out really great quality builds in these recent years. This has lead to increased competition in the after-market industry, and therefore the prices have been lowered, while still raising the quality. This particular unit is a testament to the kind of craftsmanship and build quality that you can get when making upgrades or building a custom rig.

Trying to Revive Everything We Had Before

Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick shout-out to all our fans, family, and friends out there. Thank you for your continuing support, and we look forward to what the future may bring.

So an update:

Our site went offline while we were working on family matters, but now that things are returning to normal, we wanted to revive what we still had left. That meant getting the website name back, and getting the old site back up. We ended up going with a company called Namecheap because we found a Namecheap promo code online and figured why not they seem to have good feedback online. From there we got some assistance with restoring our old site and everything we wrote here, and we scavenged around for our profiles on other sites.

We’re still not sure what direction that we would like to take with our research, but our main concern is just getting back to our roots and having fun with it. We will try to keep you updated with news via this site so stay tuned!

How I Do My Research

Obviously a lot of my work and research has to do with things and events in the past. The vast majority of the time, there’s not much information I can find about someone, especially from back in the day. Back then there just wasn’t as many records being kept, and on top of that a lot of them weren’t “digital” yet. Nowadays and back then, the most information I could get about someone was using a background check. Might sound strange at first, but it actually gives me a really solid foundation to branch off of. Often times people have very common names, and it’s hard to differentiate between people of the same name. On top of that, modern online background checks offer additional insights like criminal convictions. Typically, these background reports are used to get a better idea about potential employees, tenants, babysitters, and more popular in this age – online dates.


Amazing Inventions You Never Think About

While doing some of my traveling in the past, I spent a lot of time on the road during the winter in northern areas. I myself am not a stranger to cold climates and snow, but there are many things I don’t think about because I grew up in the city. One of the thoughts being, how do people take care of livestock in areas that are cold? Do they have some indoor area where they can keep them all the time? What about the water that they need, doesn’t it just freeze all the time? Seems like it’s tougher work to have livestock and such in colder climates, but it has to be done.

However, it turns out there are simple solutions to many of my questions. One thing that blew my mind was water tank heaters. While everyone knows what a water heater tank is, most haven’t encountered a water tank heater. Instead of heating up the water then distributing it, you can plop this device into a tank of water, or just leave it in the tank, and it will heat water and even deice the tank. This is an amazingly simple solution to a problem that could really plague people in the north. Imagine having to split the water in your heater tank in your home with your cattle and animals.

Again About Enjoyment

I can already hear what you’re thinking, ‘please not another post about some sport that people here don’t even enjoy.’ Fortunately for you (and for me) I actually think I have something genuinely amazing to talk to you about.

While looking for some sort of arts and crafts project to do in some spare time, I was originally searching for a Bob Ross painting kit. I always thought it would be such an honor to do a painting like him, he was truly a great guy and his show was honestly pretty inspiring. However while doing my research, I stumbled upon this site called Mandala Art. It looks relatively new, but I LOVE the concept. The basic idea is that a creator can make a kit that people can buy, and when you buy the kit you are able to use the creator’s instructions to craft whatever the end product is supposed to be.


On the homepage right now is a miniature gingerbread house kit that is to die for, and what better time of year to do something like this. If you have some kids that you would like to have an extra activity to do with this holiday season then I highly recommend checking it out. I can’t stress how happy I am that I ran into this site because it takes the headache out of trying to think of little projects that I’d like to do, and it probably reduces how much I would actually spend if I were to try and get the ingredients or materials myself.

Unexpected Computer Problems

It seems like every time I try to upgrade my computer to something new, I inevitably run into some type of problem when it comes to compatibility – or even worse – losing data. Luckily this time it wasn’t that I lost any files on my computer, but when I upgraded to Windows 10 I kept getting this “Unexpected Store Exception” error, and what’s even worse is that my computer would get the dreaded blue screen of death.

I thought surely that it was due to my hardware being old and possibly not updated. I’m not the most technically savvy person when it comes to computers and the Windows operating system, so this makes it even tougher to figure out. To my aid, there were fortunately a couple sites and YouTube videos covering this topic.

I followed the first couple basic instructions for fixing the problem: run antivirus, run some kind of system file checker, run disk utility. Then the site I linked above mentioned something that I’m surprised I didn’t think of myself – update my drivers. I guess I had figured the upgrade to Windows 10 would have taken care of this itself, but maybe it just missed a couple that started causing these errors.

Anyway, just a quick update about why I’ve had some downtime from posts.

Other Enjoyment

Aside from doing lots of research and reading in general, I’ve found it important to be able to take a step back and have some other type of enjoyment. I’m not saying that research and reading isn’t fun, but you can get burned out by any activity, so it’s a great idea to mix in other interests.

One of my pleasures is watching soccer. I know it’s not typical of an American, but it’s different for me. I’m not really rooting for a specific team, I just like something about how the game is played, how it’s not all about being the biggest, most physical guy out there. There’s just something about it that I find more classy than American sports. One of my favorite things to watch is the Manchester United live stream. You can watch pretty much all the games there and news, not just premier league games.

Anyway, that’s it for now, just wanted to let it be said and see if anyone else out there wants to talk about it together.

Getting Back on Track

Back again with a quick update. We will be working on giving this website an upgrade/facelift. Part of the reason for the upgrade to the site is so that it will perform better in search engines for certain terms. Nothing major though, I’m just wanting to rank for things like author name, book title, and maybe book club. I found this handy site that gives you an audit of how your site is currently doing, which they call audit référencement gratuit. I know what you’re thinking already – that’s in French! Indeed it is, but I was able to use Chrome to understand what’s going on. However, it turns out that the report can also be sent in English as well! If you also have a website it’s definitely worth a quick run to see what you can improve.

Anyway, this was just a heads-up about any downtime that we may have in the near future. If the site is offline for a little, don’t worry we are still here, just spending some time to make the site easier to use and find.

Part 2 in the Works

First let me start of with a with a huge thank you to all the supporters out there. It means a lot to have such a wonderful following, and such a great book club to gather and discus with.

That being said, I wanted to announce that even more is in the works!

That being said, since technology is in such abundance now, we will be taking the next iteration into video. I know it’s a bit of a bummer for my fellow bookworms out there, but fret not as a longer, more in-depth paperback version will be available down the road.

Since we are just getting started with the planning we are open to any suggestions you may have. I was even thinking about investing in one of these outdoor quadcopters to take with me as I travel. I know it’s not important, but I think it would add an extra element to the film to get some better shots of the city/area that I visit.

Like I mentioned above, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. If there is anything else you’d like me to question or investigate, please do let me know. This one is for the fans that have been so passionate over the years.

Stay tuned for updates!